Monday, 15 May 2017

Max Meets Ernie!

Mum and Ernie.

Ernie peeps through the stairs.

I join Ernie on the staircase.

Me and Ernie peeping through the stairs.

Its a Dog Pawty on the stairs - can you see Max on the top step?

Ernie is still my BESTEST Friend.

Once Ernie had gone I had nobody to pawty on the staircase with...

I'm looking forward to seeing him again really soon! 

Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday, 28 April 2017

Max's First visit to Castle Coch.

I took Max to Castle Coch for a walk in the magic woodland.

It is so beautiful in the woods, the floor is covered in wild garlic.

Me and Max sit on the woodern stepping stones.

I show Max all of the carved statues.

I took charge and showed Max the way.

There are lots of walking trails to explore.

I really love it walking around Castle Coch.

We met a Wizzard but I thought that Max was far too young to meet the Dragon!

Max liked to sniff and snuffle the moss.

We walked together.

Beautiful Bluebells.

Gorgeous colours.

Max really enjoyed it.

I loved showing Max around.

Me in the little wood hut.

looking around the hut.

Exploring together.

Max was afraid to cross the river but I wasn't!

Walking back through the trails together.

What a great day we had together.

It's exhausting being a big brother!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Pets at home Haul.

Me and Max went to Pets at Home

Look at all the PAWSOME stuff - so many treats and toys!

Max tries on coats with Auntie Ashley

Little summer hat

I love it in Pets at home its my favorite place to shop!

They even do Dog Beer here! 

Auntie Ashley shows Max the bunnies, hamster and fish while Mum takes me around the store to shop for my food and treats.

Lots of treats for Me and Max

We both had a Turtle toy

Max with his new coat

I was so sleepy after walking around the store

Max was still happy to play with his new ball toy